We are business partners for exceptional projects – complex, multi-dimensional, interdisciplinary. Our passion are craft businesses, as our own roots are interior fitout, design and furniture.

As your business partner, we share with you our comprehensive experience and deliver custom-made results for your individual project. These results benefit from our knowledge about both technology and organisation. Clear structures and competences within the project ensure an enthusiastic, passionate cooperation.

excited about new directions

Technical projects:

We are happy to be responsible for project management in your technical project.
In cooperation with you, we develop and manufacture prototypes or create a whole Mock Up together.
We manage your interior fitout project and bring your project team back on the fast track.
We take charge of engineering tasks for you or introduce new competences to your team.

Organisational projects:

We are happy to be responsible for project management in your organisational project.
We manage change projects for you or lead you through change management processes.
We supply input for your strategic business planning and development.
We thoroughly analyse the working atmosphere in your company and provide customised motivation analyses.
We develop and implement suitable remuneration systems, working time models and position descriptions for your business.
We train your team to cope with employee performance reviews, employee best practice principles, recruiting processes and onboarding processes as well as employer branding.
Together with you, we fight off the shortage of skilled workers.
Additionally, we also provide consultation regarding other human resource issues and support your in work-intensive human resource projects.

you can count on  whatever you need


Michaela List-Ebner – mi [mi]

„be a voice not an echo”

As a trained joiner, I have learned to work with wood, an entirely natural material, from scratch. Later on, I had the chance to channel my passion for this unique material into project management for high-end interior fitout projects with international industry partners. Working for the human resources department of the same international company, I was then able to match my solid technical knowledge with my strong social competences. Under my command, important human resource processes and structures have been established, and the team size was doubled to around 120 employees.

“I am extremely passionate – I do my utmost than plans become actual results. For me, stagnation means regress.”

Burkhard List – b [bi]

„be your own brand“

After my studies in wood technology and lumber industry, I was perfectly trained for my later position as the managing director of an international company working in the field of high-end interior fitout. I focused intensely on project management, both in terms of theory and practical application. Regarding technology, I always stay on the pulse of time. Thus, the company continuously developed further, improving both size and competences. Working as an international sales manager for a leading manufacturer of furniture industry software, I was able to give fresh impetus and get in contact with numerous interesting businesses throughout Europe and Asia.

“I am an analytic person and like to think in unconventional ways. Both simplicity and extravagance inspire me. I am enthusiastic about sophisticated technology. It’s passion that drives me. “

Why Why Why

Why was b&mi founded?

Not only did we fall in love with each other at work, we also fell in love with working together. This is how we can channel our enthusiasm best. We therefore decided to explore new ways and master new challenges together.

Love what you do – do what you love.

Why are you reading this?

We know that sometimes it seems to be hard to face new challenges and that it can be difficult to not accept one’s own alleged limits. We can promise you one thing – life starts out there, and life’s fun!

Also, life is a lot easier with people who talk the same language.

Why are we your business partner?

You for sure want to deliver results, and we want this as well. To achieve these results, we trust our competence and passion – and rely on fixed conditions.

Your task is our challenge.


Do you want to outsource complex human resource projects, so that you can focus more on your core competences? Do you want to entrust your project to the care of professionals and thus lead the way to a successful future?

Then your business partner has a name – b&mi:

b&mi GmbH & Co. KG

Lehen 1/1, 2811 Wiesmath, Österreich
Tel +436648399060 oder +436643868626
Email we@bandmi.at

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